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Flight Club www.flight-club.org

The Project:

Flight Club was an idea grown between a friend and I two years ago: a website that helps air travelers meet. The plan: I do the design, my friend builds the database. Unfortunately, he never came through and the project lagged, until last year when I began developing my PHP and MySQL skills.

My Approach:

Building a community site from the ground up was daunting. I began with the logo, which emphasized the variations of the community we were building. Next came the color scheme, with sky blue and cloud white, aided by a bright orange accent.

After the template, I built the member database, and flight search functionality. I made sure the interface was intuitive: if they mistyped their password on login, they would be told it was their password that was wrong (as opposed to a generic error message).

Integrating the member bulletin board from a third-party solution was the biggest hurdle. Making the code from their established member database and login programming work with the Flight Club system took much work and ingenuity. The result served well: a complete community system with a professional feel for a novel idea.

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