e3 logo

e3 Logo

Client: Chicago Dept. of Cultural Affairs

The Project:

e3 is an occasional series held at the Chicago Cultural Center that features live performances that correspond with the subject of their exhibit. It's more direct than the traditional museum-style "stand and look at stuff on the wall" activity ... and they needed an identity to express that dynamic.

My Approach:

The variations possible between "e" and "3" stretched long, and I explored many of them. The only restriction was the e had to be lowercase, so I set down and sketched out dozens of ways that the e and 3 could interact. It was crucial, I thought, to have some energy between the two characters.

Next, I transferred the better of the concept sketches into digital line drawings, adding color where necessary and exploring appropriate typefaces. I wanted a logo that felt modern without being trendy, so simplicity of color and layout were a priority. The results were narrowed down by the client: the e3 on the left, which incorporates both depth and typographic texture in a modern style.

e3 flyer (front)
e3 flyer (back)

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