National Poetry Slam Logo

Client: National Poetry Slam, Inc.

The Project:

The NPS logo for this year's event was the most rich identity project I've worked on. With the critical eye of Katherine Zwick, we battled through a design-by-committee endeavor and finished with a noteworthy piece.

My Approach:

This logo began with a series of sketches done in Adobe Illustrator. I envisioned a logo with the ferocity of a Russian revolution poster. A lone, upraised fist clenching a microphone ... after the first meeting with Katherine, we decided to build out the fist into a muscular arm, flexing, holding the mic to the face.

The committee felt our first take was too masculine, so back to the drawing board it was. We eliminated the problem: the arm. However, the design felt flat without it, so we took the microphone and drew it in perspective. This involved a significant amount of planning, illustration, and revision, but the results were worth it. Now, the mic was the dominant element, with a slight hand at the base in the distance. Less revolution but more in-your-face, our revision met with unanimous approval from the committee.

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