Solstice Flyer

Client: Pure Promotions, Inc.

The Project:

Pure hired me to design a flyer for their early-summer fashion show at a local club. They provided me with some club-flyer standard photos of models, the content and the logos for the designers represented.

My Approach:

This was an opportunity: my first club flyer. I wanted nothing to do with the traditional clubby techno-style design and set my sights high.

I first built a warm color palette to represent the summer. For layout, I chose a vertical format, anchored by a sun at the bottom and the event's title at the top. I placed the sun in the corner, radiant beams emanating as cocentric circles. The blues came in as a crucial afterthough, a cool breeze to break up the hot sun -- and a highlight section for a small dose of content.

After the palette and layout were established, the rest of the design flowed through the front to the back easily. I developed the "Solstice" logotype, traced the woman outline on the back, and placed the text. One of my favorite aspects of this flyer is if four are put together correctly (front-to-back and again), an entire sun will show.

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